FREE Call Recording App for Android - Auto Call Recorder

Don't miss your important calls anymore. 

(directs you to Google Play Store)

  • Automatic recording. You don't have to take any extra effort to initiate the recording.
  • Supports WAV format. We give the high quality uncompressed format so you can convert it to any compressed like MP3/AMR etc.
  • Saves the recording within your SDCard, no external servers required!
  • Selective recording - record calls only from selected numbers (*** Not available in this version, let me know if you like this feature *** )
 The quality of recording is directly proportional to the recording quality of your device. 

Not ready to wait? Just download the apk given below into your device and install.

This is FREE version that records only the first 60 seconds of your conversation (Full Version Here)

(directs you to Google Play Store)

If you find any issue, please write back your grievance along with your Device Model and Kernel Version, we'll try to solve your issue as early as possible, inshaAllah.


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